The company TOYFA has 25 years-experience of working on the adult toys market. TOYFA offers an extremely wide range of the high-quality products: adults toys, lubricants, lingerie, BDSM-collections, etc.

TOYFA specializes on the products of the different price categories, which are very popular among the clients with various price requirements. You can find goods of TOYFA in many shops in Europe, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. TOYFA sends orders directly to customers from a warehouse, which is located in Dongguan, China.

Everyone will find something new in TOYFA brands!

Our brands

Colorful collection A-TOYS was created to become the first product on the shelf in any sex-shop. Collection is really exceptional because of its price and quality combination. This collection combines only popular and current products. Catalog
Collection of sex-toys Erotist is a new format of sexual reality. The beauty, functionality and safety declare war to vulgarity in this collection. Catalog
A Lingam line is a new view to male stroker. 6 massage devices – 6 unique Lingam-massage techniques. Lingam can help you to become one in a million. Catalog
The range of realistic premium toys. Elite Series is made of ultra-modern Japanese elastomer, perfectly imitating softness and velvetiness of the human skin and able to take on the body temperature in a few seconds. Catalog
All products of the range are made in two classic colors – black and red. This collection contains a variety of options with a different set of features that are specific only to exclusive adult toys. Simple to use and of neat design products from various plastic and silicone alloys – for those who are not used to making a choice for too long. Catalog
TOYFA offers to change the sensations with Juicy Pussy! Each masturbator has a realistic feel and its own unique internal texture for varied stimulation pleasure. Tunnels stretch to fit a range of sizes and have nubs for added stimulation.
Marcus – exquisite collection with black delicate lace. This women's collection is presented in three colors: red, silver and purple. It makes every woman feel that she is a charming goodness. Catalog
We are sure that everyone is the best actor for his or her partner. But it's necessary to change characters. YOUR NIGHT – YOUR THEATRE Catalog
The Candy Girl collection is the line of playing suits. There are some trends: bedroom play costumes transfuse popular show atmosphere; unusual club dresses accent figure lines; open bodystockings, dress and teddies fit any figure perfectly and allow moving freely. Every day – new role.
The goods of Glossy add extra drama to the image, they will take a special place in sexy caresses and allow you to live out your partner’s inner fantasies in the most alluring way possible. Glossy iridescent fabric creates an effect of wet clothes. Wetlook clothes will complete any image of femme fatale. Catalog
The collection Toyfa Metal is a wide range of anal plugs of various sizes, colors and shapes. Also there were a number of novelties: belts of fidelity, restriction devices, penis bondages. Catalog
Glass toys are incredibly popular among the lovers with experience and novices. Sexus Glass will decorate showcases of any modern sex shop. It's impossible to pass these shelves with stylish gadgets indifferently. Catalog
6 vibrators of this line are made of supersoft silicone in fantasy forms and delight colors: bubblegum, tiffany blue and fresh lime. These dolce toys were created for girls who are interested in fashion, joy and pleasure.
Collection JOS consist of unusual accessories and non-standart approach to sex. No any banality, just original toys in JOS brand. Every toy is bright emotion in your sexual life. It is ideal for those who appreciate the diversity in relationships. Catalog
In colorful bags lie a powerful love tools. Compact and lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to store – the good from Motor Lovers collection is a real find for both single people and couples.
This is unreal collection of realistic vibrators and dildos, which includes all kinds of shapes and sizes of penis. The advantage of this collection is the price. Catalog
DollsX is collection of inflatable dolls at the most attractive price.
It’s a new series of lubricants and intimate cosmetics with special effects.
Three new anal plugs in the O'Play collection offer thrilling pleasure. The forms are comfortable even for the beginner, and strong deep vibrations impress the most experienced.
Xlover is the original collection of sleeved for penis. It's made from the modern material SoftSkin. Sleeves may function as an enlarger and may be used also as additional stimulation. Catalog
L'Eroina is elegant line for ladies who love and appreciate themselves. A series of unrealistic toys and massagers created for women pleasure. Catalog
Toyfa POPO Pleasure includes stylish anal plugs, expanders and nozzles made of high quality neon pink silicone. Each toy is designed by professionals with thought to details.

New brands

Glowing in the dark Beyond collection is your chance to go beyond the reality with your own Hero. Choose your Hero!
Physics is a line of vibrators with electrostimulations, pulsation and heating. These toys are designed with the laws of physics, physiology and anatomy.
TODO collection consists of a variety of toys for anal sex, which will help to discover incredible pleasure.


Dear friends, TOYFA is looking forward to see you in eroFame in October 2019! We invite you to visit our booth 111, where you get the information and advice on brands, new goods and lines of TOYFA. We will be glad to see you! This exhibition will be a great opportunity for all of us to improve our business and to make people lives brighter.

See you in eroFame!


The official distributor of the TOYFA brand in the European Union is Softland company, Poland.

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